History of The Best House

The restored L. P. Best House is an outstanding example of Queen Anne/Neo-Classic style architecture.  The house was built in 1894 by its namesake.  The house is the linchpin for the Warsaw Historic District which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as being a locally designated district.

The living room which is located on the right as the visitor enters the house is furnished with many of the pieces from the family so it looks much like it did when it was a bustling house of a successful businessman.  The dining room is also located at that side of the house but it can be separated from the living room by two sliding pocket doors.

The kitchen is located at the rear of the house. It was originally two rooms.  The library is the front room on the left of the entrance hall.  These rooms are the ones that are used by the community for meetings and social events.

The stairway to the upstairs begins on the right of the hall and is easily visible as the visitor enters the house.  The upstairs is where the majority of the exhibits are on display.

However to fully appreciate the significance of the building and the quality of the restoration, people must come and wander through the rooms and let their minds hearken back to when the house was first built to imagine the bustling chaos that was typical of the period.